Ganso Cafe business cards

Ganso Cafe Business Card

Karla Hernández designed these business cards for Ganso Café, a cafeteria that offers a fresh space for all ages – an ideal place to visit at any time of the day for those who like good coffee.

The design idea was to make the brand image appealing to the kids via vibrant colours and to the adults with its elegant touch.

Which is why, the same idea was applied to the business cards as well!

“The client was looking for a very fresh image,” Karla said.

“The café is near a playground and the beach. So, the client was looking for a visual identity that captures the eye of both adults and kids.”

“Also, the idea was to keep the tropical feeling combined with fresh, cheerful colours and applied them in a very simple form.”

Ganso Cafe brand identity

She continued, “As an illustrator, most of my illustrative work are flowers and plants.”

“For the design process, I transformed my style to a more ‘child-like’ one, using very abstract and simple forms.”

“I wanted to create a place or a world where the ‘ganso’ (goose) lives so we can say that the goose is sharing his tropical home with the customers.”

“It’s the same for the business cards – the goose is at the center (as the logo) while the graphics are part of his living place that surrounds him.”

“There were a lot of graphics, so for them to be used in the cards without saturating the space, I separated them into four (versions of) cards so they can be collectibles for those who are interested.” And the results are beautiful!

These business cards were offset-printed on a recycled heavyweight paper with a matte finish by a local printing shop in Mexico City.

Overall, it’s a refreshing, stunning business card design that’s both memorable and impressive!


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Designed by Karla Hernández a.k.a. Charlötte

For Ganso Cafe

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