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Gangs of Rice Delivery Business Card

VVORKROOM designed these business cards for Gangs of Rice, a ‘ghost kitchen’ with delivery service in Madrid.

Gangs of Rice’s philosophy focuses on offering the most authentic Asian food in the city while changing the typical image and taboos that exist around Chinese food in Europe.

VVORKROOM managed the branding project including designing Gangs of Rice’s menu, packaging and business cards.

Gangs of Rice branding

Naming & Concept

The brand name, Gangs of Rice, was given by the client. They imagined a brand that was rebellious, mischievous, rude, but at the same time adorable.

The business cards come in different versions. By using fun illustrations, rice pattern and custom typeface, VVORKROOM was able to create a contemporary, memorable back designs for the cards – all associated closely with the brand’s main product.

Gangs of Rice logo2Gangs of Rice logo1

“In general, with the branding, we were talking of those moments in life where we try to hide our true self for fear of appearing vulnerable. For that reason, we use many masks; we present to the world with different versions of ourselves,” explained Vicky González, the Creative Director at VVORKROOM.

“That’s why the branding proposal explores not only one logotype, but a visual language with different brand expressions. Although they are very different from each other, they belonged to the same identity. And the same happens with the business cards.”

“The references that the client gave us as part of the brief are personalities from the culinary world, who have in common being extremely talented and delicate in their work, but who hide behind a ‘badass’ personality and are still lovable.”

Design Inspiration & Typography

Gangs of Rice logo & typography

“Apart from that, they also mentioned to us the Minions, and the personality and music of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis as part of their references. So, we had a lot to draw inspiration from. Most of the brand expressions were done by hand trying to create an urban look and feel.”

The main typeface used in the visual identity is Monument Extended Bold. At the same time, red, black and white are cleverly used to create a nice contrast for the branding design.

The client handled the card-printing themselves. When asked about the possible printing outcome, Vicky said, “We’d suggest serigraphy (screen-printing) or offset-printing for the business cards.”

Gangs of Rice business cards2Gangs of Rice_chopsticks2Gangs of Rice_bagGangs of Rice packaging2Gangs of Rice business card

Designed by VVORKROOM

For Gangs of Rice

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