Formika business cards

Formika Music Studio Business Card

Andre Forbeck designed these business cards for Formika Studio, a music production studio located in California.

“Formika Studio offers music production and mastering services at a high level. The idea behind the brand was to use features that resonate with the music,” Andre said.

For the logo design, it was created using lines for that the arm of a guitar was remembered with its strings. According to Andre, a modular grid was used for the construction of the symbol so that the lines were coherent with each other.

Formika symbolFormika notebook
Apart from that, a creative pattern was created based on the brand’s own symbol. By joining the lines, a pattern that resembles the guitar hand with its strings and tuners is formed.

For the brand’s typography, Andre chose a sans serif font for a good reason, “This is to make the project as minimalist as possible.”

Formika_logoFormika colours
The colours used in the visual identity are Vivid Red, Blackout Grey and Off White. These colour combinations create a sharp contrast in the business card design, conveying a sense of power, boldness and no doubt, able to stand out from a pile of regular cards.

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “The cards would be printed on 300g Couché matte paper with matte lamination – a touch of shine and sophistication along with a minimalist design,” Andre suggested.

All in all, it’s a modern, eye-catching business card design that’s bound to impress!

Formika business cardFormika Vinyl coverFormika headphoneFormika_cap_jacketFormika_vanFormika posters

Designed by Andre Forbeck

For Formika Studio

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