Fénix business cards

Fénix Consulting Business Card

Alison Fedel designed these business cards for Fénix, a communications and marketing consulting firm in Angola.

Fénix aims to establish itself as a market leader by offering a range of services, including branding, design, social media management, and marketing. Its goal is to provide services that enable small and medium-sized Angolan companies to communicate and position themselves visually in accordance with their growth strategy and ambition. They want to help companies get noticed by giving them a visual identity that fits their business goals.

“The business card was designed to convey a modern, creative, sophisticated, and sexy image of the brand,” Alison explained.

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Logo Design

The brand uses the Phoenix as its symbol. According to Egyptian mythology, the Phoenix is a bird that symbolises rebirth, a fresh start and hope for a better future.

“As a marketing and design company, Fénix Creative Studio wants to provide customers with a fresh start and the foundations for a brighter future.”

“This can be accomplished by giving new businesses a new look, or by updating their identities, aligning each business’s DNA with the current market situation and corporate culture.”

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The typography chosen for the logotype was Kane Regular in uppercase. It is a slab/Egyptian serif typeface.

According to Alison, the font was chosen due to its thickness, which is suitable for the symbol stroke, and to show some grandeur.

“Termina bold was used for the designation in order to make it stand out from the typography used for the logotype. Termina was created with the intention of being used in logos and advertisements,” he added.

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Colour Palette

The colours used in the visual identity are black, orange, and yellow. The colour black is associated with sophistication and elegance. Orange and yellow, on the other hand, are used to intensify the sense of the Phoenix. They are also a representation of heat and fire.

“Fénix aims to show proximity to the customer. For that reason, we also worked on gradients in some elements, ranging from orange to yellow tones.”

“The gradient expresses the brand’s warm and spicy touch, as we also associate the colours of fire with Fénix.”

When it comes to printing, Alison recommended the business cards to be printed on Pop’Set Black paper, 400g, with white ink and spot UV where the gradient strip appears.

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Designed by Alison Fedel

For Fénix Creative Studio

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