Farmer Gracy business cards

Farmer Gracy Flower Bulb Business Card

Marka Collective designed these business cards for Farmer Gracy, the English face of a famous Dutch bulb-growing family. Their aim is to provide UK gardeners with the most exclusive flower bulb varieties available on the market and to be sure they are cultivated in a sustainable and responsible manner.

“From generation to generation, these family members have shared the ambition to grow the most beautiful flowers in the world. Currently, Farmer Gracy offers the UK biggest ever selection of amazing flower bulbs, including some very unique varieties you won’t get anywhere else,” said Nuray Nuri, the graphic designer at Marka Collective.

The client approached Marka Collective with an old logo that was representing the same Farmer Gracy girl and wanted to make it better and a bit more modern.

The typography used in the logo is Hurme Geometric Sans 2 SemiBold but with some small changes.

Farmer Gracy business cards1Farmer Gracy embossed cards

These business cards were printed by Extreme, a local printing company.

According to Nuri, two sheets of cardboard were combined to form a super-thick, high-impact duplexed card with multi-coloured edge. The blind embossing gives a nice final touch and contributes to the tangible effect.

This is an outstanding business card design with the use of different shades of green, embossing printing technique and a vertical layout for that memorable impact!


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Farmer Gracy business cardFarmer Gracy business card1Farmer Gracy business cards2Farmer Gracy embossed card_greenFarmer Gracy embossed cardFarmer Gracy embossed card1Farmer Gracy brandingFarmer Gracy branding2Farmer Gracy tagFarmer Gracy bagFarmer Gracy stampFarmer Gracy branding3Farmer Gracy pattern designFarmer Gracy packagingFarmer Gracy packaging2Farmer Gracy label and potFarmer Gracy bag2

Designed by Marka Collective

Printed by Extreme

For Farmer Gracy

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