Expression & Development business cards

Expression & Development Business Card

Panos Nikolaou designed these business cards for “Expression & Development”, two logotherapy and ergotherapy centers in Athens.

A handmade abstract icon was used for the logo, combined with a clean font.

The concept of the design was to express uniqueness, and Panos made that happen by painting on the cards, one by one, using acrylic paints.

Ultramarine blue was initially painted on the cards; once dried, followed by yellow paint. The contrast was absolutely stunning, while adding textures to the cards.

Another thing that sets this business card apart from the traditional ones is that the card layout is vertical, despite a few information written horizontally on the other side.

Overall, this is a brilliant DIY business card design that’s not to be missed!

Express and development business cards

Designed by Panos Nikolaou

For “Expression & Development” logotherapy centers

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