Epura architecture business cards

Épura Architecture & Engineering Business Card

Mel Blauth designed these business cards for Épura, a female-led professional and competent architecture and engineering firm.

Épura is known for its agility and friendly service, as well as its ability to handle civil construction projects and job security.

“The founders wanted to change the image of a generic engineering office to an office that reflected their values – a friendlier, younger, closer, and different brand, without neglecting the technical aspect,” Mel said.

Epura architecture cards

Logo Design

The use of self-portraits (of the business owners) on the business cards makes them look unique. The inclusion of appropriate icons and fonts gives the company a youthful and joyful image, as well as demonstrates female leadership.

While it’s important to avoid the cliché of “engineering logos”, this new symbol must still allude to some sort of technical drawing. For her client’s logo, Mel did exactly that.

“The new logo represents an arch shape, which is typical in architecture, and a central moon that symbolises female leadership. When put together, they form the letter ‘E’ lying down, which stands for the brand’s initial.

Epura architecture logo

Typography & Colours

The typefaces used in the visual identity are Cysan Regular (for titles and short phrases) and Montserrat (for body text).

Airwaves is also used on the business card’s alternative logo, which is a handwritten text with the moon in the background.

The shades of green used in the new identity are similar to the old one, but variations of lilac and yellow have been added to infuse the colour palette with a more positive vibe and balance it with attributes such as sensitive, creative, welcoming, emotional and dreamy.

Epura architecture logo variationsEpura architecture notebooks

Icons & Illustrations

According to Mel, “Épura’s visual identity has two other objectives, in addition to aligning all visual communication: escaping the clichés of all other civil engineering offices and expressing female leadership.”

“Other graphics (follow the style of the logo) are intended to be stickers. Both the double moon and the moon of the alternative logo are strong symbols of the feminine.”

“Besides that, the triangle represents the technique; the face-down playing card symbolises surprise, the overcoming of expectations; and an oval sticker with the words architecture and engineering, conveys the services of the company.”

These business cards are not printed yet, but if they were, “The cards would be printed on 300g couché paper, matte lamination with spot UV on the logo symbol, letters and photo. The different elements on the card cover are glossy hand-glued stickers,” Mel suggested.


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Designed by Mel Blauth

For Épura

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