Elise Delestre wellness coach business card

Elise Delestre Wellness Coach Business Card

Atlisa Design designed these business cards for Elise Delestre, a wellness coach whose aim is to help women reconnect with their inner self.

The overall design concept is based on softness, positivity and delicacy.


Modern Logo Design & Eye Illustration

According to Anna, the logotype was cut in half to give a touch of modernity and maturity, contrasting with the childish joy of the colours.

“It’s also the symbol of disconnection from oneself; once you put the two cards together, they are reconnected and in alignment again, forming the brand name, just as it is with Elise’s coaching.”

Another catchy element on the business card is the eye illustration, mimicking a shining sun.

“It represents the confidence and positivity Elise’s clients feel after going through her coaching. They find their light back by aligning with their inner self.”

Elise Delestre wellness coach logo


An Elegant Typography

The typeface used for the logotype is Bentoga, while Playfair Display is used for the body text.

“The reason I chose Bentoga was because I wanted something elegant to contrast with the bright colours, as I didn’t want the brand to look too funky, so I went for a modern and simpler serif font.”

As a result, the logotype shows the brand’s elegance brilliantly with a touch of femininity.

Elise Delestre wellness coach business cards_2

A Gradient To Express Optimism

According to Anna, the chosen colour palette is a reminder of life and reflects a joyful vibe.

“The joy and optimism of this brand is represented by the pink and orange gradients,” she said.

“You can compare it to outbursts of happiness, almost like these emotions would explode like a paintball on the paper.”

“The colours also show the self-reconnection Elise’s clients go through after her coaching.”

“The advantages of her coaching are embodied in these visual gradients. It’s deeply connected to her line of work and not to her competitors.”


The Printing of Business Cards

Anna recommended printing these business cards on couché paper and having the logo embossed if they were ever printed.

“People should be able to ‘feel’ the logo, which symbolises a glimpse of reconnection with their inner self through their ‘touch’.”


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Designed by Atlisa Design

For Elise Delestre

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