East Street Bazaar business cards

East Street Bazaar Beauty & Wellness Business Card

Studio Nice One designed these business cards for East Street Bazaar, a Sydney-based modern beauty and wellness brand influenced by the traditions of the Far East and Southeast Asia.

Inspired by the concept of ‘East meets West’, the design offers a modern interpretation of a fusion of cultures.

“The overall aesthetic is designed to be calming and relaxing, with an added twist of personality through illustrations and brand language to avoid being too formal and self-important,” said Amy Quickfall, Studio Nice One’s founder and creative director.

The business card design has a natural feel to it, with a lot of typography and illustrations used to convey the brand’s message.

East Street Bazaar logos and illustrations

Logo Design

East Street Bazaar’s logo features a pot commonly used in Eastern and South Asian natural medicine, with natural aromas emerging from the bowl.

“With the illustration, we wanted to capture this feeling within the logo,” Amy said. “We also wanted to link the ‘East to West’ concept with the brand’s original location, which is Sydney, Australia.”

East Street Bazaar logoEast Street Bazaar packaging stickers

Typography & Colours

The main typeface used on the card is called Rosie Bold, while the script copy is Beyond Infinity; the small copy details use Routed Gothic Wide.

As for the colour palette, a pared-back neutral colour with a twist of bold blue makes the business card stand out from a sea of wellness brands. Apart from that, the illustrations are based on traditional Japanese brush ink to create a code system that can be used on various brand applications.

When it comes to card-printing, here’s what Amy suggested, “Our intention would be to use a smooth heavyweight card of 500gsm, with a dark charcoal print.”

“This is to avoid the print finish being too heavy and black contrasted against the calming backdrops of sand, ocean blue and off white,” she added.

East Street Bazaar business cardsEast Street Bazaar mobile_websiteEast Street Bazaar brandingEast Street BazaarEast Street Bazaar_boxesEast Street Bazaar_wrapping paper

Designed by Studio Nice One

For East Street Bazaar

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