Earth to Brides business card

Earth to Brides Wedding Blog Business Card

Stephanie Mathena designed these business cards for Earth to Brides, a no-fluff wedding blog providing practical advice surrounding topics people often avoid when wedding planning.

It’s truly inspiring to see how keeping things minimal, with smart use of negative space and beautiful typography can bring out the personality and artistic vibe of a brand.

The business card design is graceful, classy and beautiful!

“We wanted to create an identity for ETB that reflects that practicality through loose, fluid typography and bold colour choices. While we decided the primary brand colours to be bright orange and soft pink, some collateral features use of a secondary deep royal blue to add a classic touch and that little bit of ‘something blue’,” Stephanie said.

“I actually designed the back of the card first as I loved how the script in the logo came together when duplicated. The front side of the card mimics the back by keeping the logo front & center and displaying secondary information in a rectangular format that keeps the eye moving.”

These business cards were printed by MOO.

“We used a soft touch 19pt stock to add a bit of luxury while still keeping the card classic and relatable,” Stephanie added.

Designed by Stephanie Mathena

Printed by MOO

For Earth to Brides

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