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ZOMA Architecture Business Card: Bold and Futuristic

ZOMA architecture business card

João Vitor Menezes designed these business cards for ZOMA, an architecture studio that revolutionises user interactions with their surroundings using the latest virtual reality technology to deliver amazing client experiences. Connective Architecture, also known as ZOMA, stands out as a…

Kinetic Fitness Business Card

Kinetic business card

Jay Master designed these business cards for Kinetic, a fitness app and analytics. According to Jay, the business card is designed to express motion, fluidity and connectivity. “The mark is a combination of a ‘K’ and paths of movement (kinetic…

Earth to Brides Wedding Blog Business Card

Earth to Brides business card

Stephanie Mathena designed these business cards for Earth to Brides, a no-fluff wedding blog providing practical advice surrounding topics people often avoid when wedding planning. It’s truly inspiring to see how keeping things minimal, with smart use of negative space…