Drap creative agency business card2

Drap Agency Business Card

Mireldy Design Studio designed these business cards for Drap Agency, a Croatia-based creative and technology oriented agency that loves innovation and new media.

The basic idea was to make a visual identity that will unite (on one hand complementary and on the other hand opposing) the personalities of Drap agency.

“The logo is a compact typographic solution. It frames the playful line forms that fills its body. This way the mentioned opposing personalities are unified in a compact unique form,” said Mireldy.

“At the same time the shape of the logo leaves room for modular intervention. Out of its basis established a system and created the entire visual identity,” said Mireldy.

All materials are personalized so every Drap employee can have a personal visual identity.

“Whether you want to be a “Unicorn”, “Space director” or “Panda”, our visual identity can make it happen!”

The business cards were folio printed (red and white) on 320gsm Pop’Set Infra Violet cardstock.

Drap creative agency business card3Drap creative agency business card

Creative direction: Mireldy Design Studio (Imelda Ramović & Mirel Hadžijusufović)

Art direction & Design: Imelda Ramović

Illustration: Imelda Ramović

Printed by: Cerovski Print Boutique, Zagreb

For Drap Agency

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