Dodoli business card

DODOLI Restaurant Business Card

Midnight Design designed these business cards for DODOLI, a Korean tofu pot brand located in Taipei alleyway.

“The brand name, Dodoli, is originated from the South Korea’s ancient mountain god ‘두두리’ while Tofu, the raw material from tofu pot, is made of soybean plants. These two as the link point can add the cultural implication to the brand,” explained Robie, the Graphic Designer at Midnight Design.

Dodoli logoDodoli logo and illustration

“Since there is no specific figure about ‘두두리’ in history, therefore, ‘deer’ was chosen as the outline, together with the body composed of stems and leaves. This combination is used to represent the appearance of ‘두 두리’, which is also applied to trademark and key visual for the brand.”

These business cards were printed by Jiou Shuei, a local printing company, via letterpress and hot foil stamping to show texture of hand-carved.

“The key visual extends the hand-carved prints to various brand applications through the software post-processing. The wood texture and unique sense of handwork show the brand image with profound cultural background,” Robie said.

Dodoli business cardDodoli logo2Dodoli stationeryDodoli logo on cardDodoli napkinsDodoli menu1 Dodoli menu Dodoli menu2Dodoli Coaster Dodoli clothes and capDodoli shop interiorDodoli shop sign

Designed by Midnight Design

Printed by Jiou Shuei Printing Company


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