Dinamo Cycling Business Card

Dinamo Cycling Business Card

Kasparas Sipavičius designed these business cards for Dinamo, a modern yet humanistic, street-wise cycling accessories brand made for enthusiasts.

“This was my personal project made for a conceptual bicycle brand,” Kasparas said.

“For this particular project, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and try something different for the identity.”

“Everything started with experimenting the custom word-mark and I ended up creating a whole visual identity for Dinamo.”

The business card design applies the minimal approach and smartly incorporates gradient as the background colour, which adds depth and dimension to the overall card design.

“The most unique part about the identity is the ambient gradients spreading out of the sides, giving a feeling of calmness.”

Although these cards are still in the conceptual stage, Kasparas knew how the cards should be printed.

He said, “The gradients would probably be sprayed out manually with a spray paint on each individual card.”

“The second part of the process would be actually printing the logo and contact information on top of it using silk screen printing.”


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Designed by Kasparas Sipavičius

For Dinamo

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