Deco Planters business card

Deco Planters Business Card

Adolfo Teixeira designed these business cards for Deco Planters, a company that specializes in designing and creating Steel Planters, owned by Isaac Blum.

“Earlier this year, I partnered up with the design studio, We Are Lion, to create the new brand identity for Deco Planters,” Adolfo said.

The monogram DP is a catchy one but guess what – that’s not the only thing shown through the logo.

Deco Planters logo
“You can probably see the DP right away, but what about the vase and the plant? Think of a square vase and a plant inside it, while you are looking at it from a top view,” Adolfo suggested.

The business card design has a clean layout and the green/gold combo is a perfect fit. According to Adolfo, he used ‘golden’ to reinforce the high end feeling of the vases along with the green to represent the plants inside them.

Deco Planters business cardDeco Planters

Designed by Adolfo Teixeira

For Deco Planters

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