DABOS Interior Designer Assistant Business Card

Mor Peled designed these business cards for DABOS, a company that offers assistance to interior designers in the hard work beyond the design itself.

“DABOS stands for designers and architects’ back office and outsourcing services,” Mor said.

“The business was founded by two interior designers who offer a brand-new service for interior designers – they provide back-office work and bureaucracy handling with suppliers and drafting plans.”

“In one sentence, they allow interior designers to practice their major desire – design.”

DABOS logo_1

DABOS’s Unique Logo Design

The business card design impresses with its unique logo design and pattern. The soft colour blends in well with the pattern, giving out a modern artistic vibe.

When it comes to logo design, Mor’s clients wanted a logo that would convey a sense of freedom, accuracy, and professionalism. However, there’s one main thing Mor wanted to put more emphasis on: collaboration.

“The idea for the logo was to emphasize the fact that this business is created by two strong women who stand behind it,” Mor explained.

“That’s why I doubled the letter “D” (the first letter of the logo) and placed them one opposite the other, to say: they have your back, and they back each other, and that power is strong as a lock.”

Dabos logo_3

Stylish Fonts and Elegant Colours

According to Mor, she wanted to create a clean, stylish and sharp typography that reflected the essence of the business. So, from the original font, she refined and styled it further to meet the brand’s requirements.

“I searched for the right font and was very pleased to find the font, Accent. Then I’ve made adjustments to the spaces, making sure all letters are the same size, width and length.”

“Then, I chose colours like antique pink and smoky black, for an elegant and sophisticated branding.”

Dabos colour palette

The Playful Pattern – the Eye-Catcher!

One may think there’s so much going on inside the pattern design, and it’s not far from the truth!

“Regarding the pattern, I drew inspiration from the sketching process that interior designers usually do when designing.”

“They play with the forms (furniture, rooms, hallways) inside the boundaries (the walls). So that is what I did – I played with the letters of the logo, creating playful and stylish games inside the business card layout.”

And that’s not all – you can even find some pencils within the pattern, hinting at the essence of the business. What a clever idea!

These business cards haven’t been printed yet, but if they were, Mor suggested having them printed on a thick paper, with the logo embossed to emphasize the sharpness of the unique style.


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DABOS business cardDabos logo_2Dabos branding

Designed by Mor Peled


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