CurlSilk business card

CurlSilk Hair Business Card

Emir Kudic designed these business cards for CurlSilk, a natural hair straightener brand based in the US.

“CurlSilk is a brand that uses natural ingredients to give great hair straightening results. The main objective was to make a branding design that stands out in this particular market since CurlSilk is a startup,” Emir said.

CurlSilk product designCurlSilk logo
After receiving the feedbacks (for the questionnaires) from the client about logo and packaging design, Emir did some research about its market and competitors.

“The client wanted CurlSilk to express distinction, innovation, femininity, classy and modern. Therefore, the solution I provided was to design an attractive, unique pattern and a logo which both have a leaf element to it in portraying the natural aspect of the brand.”

“The logo design is a clean and minimalistic ‘C’ letter that stands for ‘CurlSilk’ with a leaf as an element that shows the natural ingredients used in their products,” Emir explained.

All in all, this is a simple yet stylish business card design that’s not easily forgotten!

CurlSilk business cardCurlSilk stationeryCurlSilk boxCurlSilk product design2CurlSilk bagCurlSilk bag with pattern

Designed by Emir Kudic

For CurlSilk

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