Creatives Collaborative Business Card

Cody Fenske designed these business cards for Creatives Collaborative, an interdisciplinary creative community that hosts creative meetups.

“Creatives Collaborative is an inclusive space for creative entrepreneurs to network, share work, and nerd out about their craft,” Cody said.

“The four disciplines the Creatives Collaborative covered at the time the card were printed were: Photographers, Designers, Videographers, and Musicians.”

“So, a design system was created. A series of icons or glyphs and colours were created to represent each discipline.”

These are square business cards – a great idea to make your brand stands out apart from the vibrant colours.

Each back design has a unique pattern/texture from the brand as well.

“Looking to make a pattern that could stretch across all their branding elements, I looked to designers like Steve Wolf, Matt Carlson and Nick Liefhebber and knocked out a vibrant and rhythmic series of designs.”

“A handful of these made it onto the backsides of the business cards created for the client, and there ya have it!” Cody added.

These square business cards were printed by Vistaprint.


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Creatives Collaborative Business Cards_1

Designed by Cody Fenske

Printed by Vistaprint

For Creatives Collaborative

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