Contrenela IT company business cards

Contrenela IT Consulting Business Card

Khushleen Kaur designed these business cards for Contrenela, an IT and business process consulting company that provides best-in-class technological solutions to clients of all sizes and sectors.

With the help of tech-enabled solutions from Contrenela, businesses can do more and solve complex problems more quickly. Consequently, this allows them to have more time to explore and create new possibilities for humanity.

The business card is designed to reflect that with a futuristic look: vibrant, modern and empowering.


Logo Design and Typography

When working on the logo design, Khushleen was inspired by simple tech lines for their catchiness and empowering look.

“The concept behind the icon is to depict technology, connections and digital transformations using simple wavy lines,” she said.

The typeface used for the logotype is Agree, a modern sans-serif font with a unique shape. This really helps the logo stand out.

Besides that, a mix of Brandon Grotesque and Agree typefaces is used for the body text.

Contrenela IT company logo


Gradient Background and Unique Edges

The business cards also have a distinctive gradient background that enhances the appearance of the overall design.

Khushleen pointed out that the colour palette used for the business cards makes them more eye-catching appealing, while also giving them a bright and vibrant vibe.

The business card has two wavy edges that make it stand out from other regular cards.

According to Khushleen, “The choice to add the unique edges to the business card design was inspired by the idea of symbolising technology and connections through wavy lines, which is also incorporated in the icon design of the brand.”

Contrenela IT company logo and icons

While it’s not depicted on the business cards, one of the logos shows the orange colour connected with the “N”s in the logotype “Contrenela”.

From what we learnt from Khushleen, the idea of using orange is that it’s the most prominent colour of the brand that helps to create a striking contrast.

As a result of this, a unique typography was created to reflect the robustness of the brand’s products.


The Printing of Business Cards

The business cards were delivered in digital format to Khushleen’s client, though she suggested that these cards be printed on standard matte and velvet cardstock.


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Contrenela IT company business card

Designed by Khushleen Kaur

For Contrenela

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