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Contan Containers Business Cards: Creative & Functional

Itamar Silva Junior designed these business cards for Contan, a brand that specialised in transforming containers into creative projects through the most advanced construction methods on the market.

To meet the needs of their customers, Contan has a team of architects who work on exclusive projects. Besides selling the containers and handling project design, Conan aims to make everything easier for its clients.

By looking at Contan’s business cards, one can easily distinguish the brand as they effectively represent its core business – the containers! Let’s find out how.


Logo Design & Typography

The essence of Contan’s visual identity lies in the meticulous design of its logo and typography – they all reflect the brand’s commitment to professionalism and modernity.

Itamar created the logotype so that each typeface had the structural shape of a container in various sizes, creating a dynamic visual language for the brand.

The extended (elongated) lettering, particularly in the iconic letter “O,” pays homage to the most traditional container size in use today, which is the 20-foot container.

Every time you see it, it’s basically reminding you that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!

And speaking of versatility, the icon was designed to adapt to certain situations and be adjusted to meet any needs. Yes, flexibility is another important aspect of Contan’s identity, and Itamar nailed that as well!

This custom font strikes a balance between readability and professionalism, which ensures that the brand’s message is loud and clear.

CONTAN_containers logo


Colour Palette

Green and white are the two primary colours used for the business cards. They were inspired by the preservation of nature, which is fundamental to the execution of projects carried out by Contan.

Besides associates with nature, deep green also evokes trustworthiness, growth and calmness, aligning seamlessly with Contan’s commitment to delivering projects with precision and care.

The clever use of high-contrast green and white colour scheme imparts a modern aesthetic to the brand. This allows the square graphic element to shine with a touch of intrigue without overwhelming the overall design.

This thoughtful colour palette opens doors to creative ideas, possibilities, paths, colours and shapes, showcasing the brand’s versatility.

All in all, this business card design is simple yet impactful, effectively conveying Contan’s commitment to creativity, functionality, and a harmonious blend of nature-inspired design elements.


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Designed by Itamar Silva Junior

For Contan

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