collagecanto artist business card

Collagecanto Paper Cutting Artist Business Card

Collagecanto designed these extraordinary business cards for her personal branding as a paper cutting artist based in Bangkok, Thailand.

“I always love the simplicity design, the clean fonts for minimal style, not too much color or graphic,” Collagecanto said.

“So the first idea was just a white clean card with my name and info below the blank space.”

“But it was too clean. I want to put the essence of my work in the design too.”

“Since my work is about paper cutting, so it would be nice if the card have a cutting design too.”

“At first, I planned to use laser cutting but it leaves burnt edges to the cards and if I want more or different designs, I’d have to pay more – l’m on a budget though 🙂 ”

“Finally, I came up with the idea: why not just cut directly into the cards so I can make different designs as many as I want, with each card being one of a kind and having its own story.”

When we look at the business cards, it’s hard not to be mesmerized by their uniqueness and complexity.

How did Collagecanto go about making all of them?

“Well, the process is simple: the 2/3 space of the card was blank so I drew the outline, making geometric or free form shapes and cut into it.”

“I love organic forms and tiny pieces of vintage pictures so I glued it together using collage technique.”

“Finally, I used Washi paper (traditional Japanese paper) to layer the background, trimmed the edges and finish!”

QualityPrint printed these business cards via laser-printing on 190 gsm art card. Apparently, the paper material is essential too.

“It’s smooth and not so thick so I can easily cut it,” Collagecanto added.

This is a brilliant idea to incorporate one’s expertise in a name card, wowing the prospects with her portfolio while offering variety at the same time.

The paper-cutting idea on a business card is no doubt, a stylish and stunning way to make an impression!


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Designed by Collagecanto

Printed by QualityPrint @ Fortune Town

For Collagecanto personal branding

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