coffee to go business cards

Coffee to Go Business Card

Dmitry Zhelnov created these business cards for Coffee to Go, a quick-service coffee shop based in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

The idea was to create a catchy and unique look for the brand to make it stand out from their competitors.

According to Dmitry, “It was also important to focus on the quick-service point of the place. We came up with the funny characters riding the tandem bicycle and drinking coffee on the way.”

coffee to go logo

“Although the regular customers of the coffee shop are students and young people aged 16-25, we would like to show that Coffee to Go is open for everybody,” he continued.

“The characters illustrated on the cards are very different, but they are all united by their love for coffee on the go.”

Instead of using brown as the main color like most coffee brands did, Dmitry chose a black background and yellow/white colors for the unique lettering and illustrations.

Overall, this is a brilliant, eye-catching business card design that’s bound to draw attention!

coffee to go business cardscoffee to go cup Coffee to go menucoffee to go counter

Designed by Dmitry Zhelnov at Openmint Design Studio

For Coffee to Go

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