Coco business cards

Coco Frozen Yogurt Business Card

Anu Manohar designed these business cards for Coco, a frozen yogurt brand that comes in fruity flavours.

Coco is a brand of frozen yogurt that comes in eight exciting flavours. Due to that, the business cards come in various colours and are designed to portray a modern, bold and clean brand image.

Coco Frozen Yogurt business cards

The business card has high legibility, thanks to its eye-catching logotype and minimalist design.

“The branding for Coco is inspired by unconventional typography. It is led by a strong logotype and a single visual element. The design is bold but minimal and incorporates bright colours,” Anu said.

The typography used in the visual identity are Le Murmure (as the primary font) and Prophet (the secondary font).

“The unconventional typography makes the visual language of the brand look new and unique. In addition, the typography combines warm calligraphic curves with a clean, machine-like sensibility—bridging the hand-drawn and mechanical genres.”

These business cards have not been printed yet but if they were, “The cards will be printed on grainy paper so that the graphic textures applied on the cards will be enhanced. Also, they will have a matte finish,” Anu suggested.

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Designed by Anu Manohar

For Coco Frozen Yogurt

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