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Cleo Personal Branding | Tarot Business Card

Lucy Jennings designed these business cards for Cleo Davis-Urman, a freelancer specializing in events, special projects, styling, creative direction, content creation and marketing.

“The client was inspired by another illustration I worked on of a Crystal Ball, and wanted to go down a ‘Miss Cleo’ / Psychic style route with the branding,” Lucy said.

“Tarot cards were one of a few ideas put forward by the client in the early stages, and it was then that we married the idea of a Tarot card deck of the many different roles that Cleo plays in her job.”

The Tarot Deck-styled business cards not only stunning and creative, but its colour palette is just as impressive as well!

Cleo tarot deck-styled business cards

Pink was the preferred colour pallete of the client from the beginning, I added a deep blue into the mix to add some contrast, balance and sophistication, and the gold foil finish works well with the Tarot theme,” Lucy said.

“The cards are inspired by Tarot, but we wanted a more fresh and contemporary interpretation – the illustrations are clean and monoline in style, and we’ve used a sans serif typeface throughout to match.”


The Printing of Business Cards

These business cards were printed using MOO’s gold foil finish.

The cards come in variety and Lucy shared with us how her client distributes them, “The decks can be packaged and sent as a group to potential clients, but the great thing about each card covering a specific area is they can really personalize the networking experience.”

She continued, “You can exchange cards with people and provide them with the version most relevant to your prospective working relationship: ‘The Content Creator’, ‘The Fashion Director’, ‘The Influencer Whisperer’ etc. This deck allows the client to explore their different skills and services under one cohesive design.”

What a fun, cool method to showcase one’s expertise with class, style and personality!

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Designed by Lucy Jennings

Printed by MOO

For Cleo

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