Clean Energy Trust Business Cards

Clean Energy Trust Business Card

Someoddpilot designed these business cards for Clean Energy Trust (CET), a Chicago-based clean-tech accelerator that channels capital and data from big businesses and government agencies to emerging startups and technologies all around the country.

In order to create brand awareness in- and outside of the clean-energy industry, CET approached Someoddpilot for their branding project.

“To create CET’s identity, we reimagined what the future of energy looks like – part tech, part elemental, never static,” said Patrick Collins, the Brand Strategist of The Someoddpilot designing team.

“The branding is authoritative but also captures the spirit of the visionary, young entrepreneurs.”

The visual identity amazes us with its futuristic design – the sharp illustration resembling energy wave and minerals; striking colours against a black background, along with bright colour edges – these vertical business cards are bound to wow the prospects while showing CET as the leading brand in its niche.

Clean Energy Trust brand-books


The Printing of Business Cards

Having a well-thought-out design is not enough. One needs to make sure that the printouts are properly done.

Luckily, Someoddpilot knew what to do with them.

“Mama’s Sauce printed the business cards using matte, heavy cardstock to give them some weight,” Patrick said.

“The front of the card is screen printed with the super vibrant brand colours (two variations).”

“All of the information on the back, including the small logo, is letterpressed.”

“Edge painting on the sides adds the finishing touch, making the marketing collaterals really stand out.”


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Clean Energy Trust Business CardsClean Energy Trust notecards

Designed by The Someoddpilot

Printed by Mama’s Sauce

For Clean Energy Trust (CET)

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