Chika Takida painter_artist business cards

Chika Takita Painter Business Card

Tomoya Yamazaki designed these business cards for Chika Takita, an artist based in Tsuruga, Japan.

Chika Takita is a painter specialising in abstract expression. And she has incorporated her artistry into her business card design.

So, as the card recipients hold this remarkable business card in their hands, they are holding a piece of artistry, a fragment of creativity that bridges the gap between imagination and reality.

Let’s find out how Tomoya inspired her client to go for this unique route to wow her prospects via these authentic business cards.


Brand Image

According to Tomoya, the concept of this project is to create a business card that mixes digital and hand work, with different art drawn on each business card.

The purpose behind this concept is to leave a profound visual impact on the recipient with hand-drawn abstract paintings, something that resonates with Chika’s profession.

By keeping the card’s design minimal, Tomoya lets Chika’s work take centre stage, which leaves room for curiosity and contemplation.

Rather than relying on words, these multiple versions of business cards encourage a profound connection between the painter and the card recipients through her unique work of art.

Chika Takida painter business card



The typeface used for the business card is Courier.

According to Tomoya, this font considers the history of the font to be both analogue and digital.

The business card also includes a handwritten signature of the card owner, and together with Courier, Tomoya tried to keep the typography as simple as possible so as not to interfere with the main abstract painting.


Abstract Arts

Chika Takida’s expertise in abstract expression shines through each meticulously hand-painted business card.

According to the painter herself, Chika said that she’s interested in the fluid atmosphere that exists between people. And she’s trying to grasp the elusive relationships that change with a single word or small gesture through the means of abstraction.

With each stroke, Chika invites you to explore the depths of emotion and human connection, evoking a sense of wonder and introspection.

The sheer uniqueness of this business card design serves as a reminder to cherish every interaction as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, a testament to Chika’s commitment to creating a unique experience for every recipient.


Colour Palette

For the colours chosen in her abstract work, Chika drew inspiration from the regularity found in plants and the depth she feels in nature, which she incorporated into her work.

She said, “The colour scheme is planned around the accent colour, and the movement of the screen is created using lines with a high degree of freedom.”

The result is a special business card design that exudes vibrance, depth, and an undeniable magnetism!

This fusion of art and nature breathes life into each business card, captivating the viewer and inviting them to explore Chika Takida’s extraordinary talent.


Business Card Printing Techniques

While the card owner herself created the abstract part of the business cards, the basic design (prior to hand-painting) was offset-printed by Graphic Co., Ltd., a printing company in Kyoto, Japan.

The paper used for these business cards is called Mermaid paper, which is a type of Japanese drawing paper.

It has a rough texture and was selected at the artist’s request to hand-write abstract paintings.

Chika Takida and Tomoya Yamazaki’s collaborative effort has created an artistic masterpiece that challenges conventions and captivates the senses.

And of course, a lasting impression on any business card recipient, that’s for sure!


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Chika Takida painter artist business cardsChika Takida painter_artist business card1Chika Takida artist business cardChika Takida painter_artist business cardChika Takida painter_artist businesscard

Designed by Tomoya Yamazaki

Printed by Graphic Co., Ltd.

For Chika Takita

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