Chicago Digital Agency Business Card

Chicago Digital Agency Business Card

Richelle Rolli designed these business cars for a Chicago based digital agency who’s looking to update their branding, website and pitch decks.

According to Richelle, the first step was to establish the look and feel with the business cards.

“The design process starts with research and inspiration.”

“Learning about what the client wants is the first step and then next is marrying what their wants and needs are with an aesthetic appropriate for them and their clientele.”

“I do a lot of research to learn about current trends, tried and true classic trends, and learn more about the client.”


Brand Image & Business Card Printing

“For this client, I wanted to give them a refresh look but also a nod to classic retro styles that are familiar and likable.”

“For this concept I did a lot of research on 1970’s and 1980’s design.”

“Mixing those two concepts allows the agency to show they are fresh, current, trustworthy, and it creates a comfortable vibe and relationship with the potential client.”

The business cards were from the concept phase and did not get printed.

However, if they ever were, here’s what Richelle suggested, “They would go through letterpress-printing.”

“I think using embossing with the retro 1970’s typeface would just be amazing and really add to the classic, familiar vibe that that particular bold typeface brings.”

“I envisioned the sides would be white and the back would be a different color then the front to add a little depth and surprise.”

“Everyone has been given a business card before. I think it is important to keep it simple but exciting.”

“Little color details, embossing, plus interesting color and typeface choices make the brand unique but the type of content is still familiar; keeping people interested but allowing the business card to serve its purpose,” Richelle added.


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Designed by Richelle Rolli

For Chicago

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