Chantel Lugossy Financial Coach Business Card

Danielle Joseph designed these business cards for Chantel Lugossy, a financial coach.

Chantel Lugossy approached Danielle for her branding project, and these professional-looking business cards are one of the brand applications.

Chantel didn’t want her brand to feel stuffy or corporate. Instead, she wanted something that appealed to a young-adult audience and built enough trust in her clients that they could open up about something very personal: finances.

Danielle worked with her client on a grounded, trusting, professional brand that still felt modern and approachable.

These business cards were printed on standard 19pt extra rigid card stock and have multiple backs with the same front (the contact info).

According to Danielle, they chose MOO to print the cards because they allow up to 50 designs on one side of the card in one order – which widely known as the MOO’s Printfinity method.

Designed by Danielle Joseph of Function Creative Co.

Printed by MOO

For Chantel Lugossy

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