Castillo business cards

Castillo Lawyer Business Card

Arutza Rico designed these business cards for Castillo, a lawyer firm.

“A complete visual system that mixes tradition and modernity reflects the essence of the firm. I did a lot of visual research on castles, heraldry and The Middle Ages for this branding project,” Arutza said.

The design goal was to reflect a modern and clean image (which are the characteristics of the firm’s lawyers) with a medieval touch that generates respect and distinction.

Castillo business card

The typography used on the business card is Neutra Display. The contact information on the business card was meticulously designed to set the brand apart from its competitors.

“We worked together with Fernando Quiroga for the typography used in the brand’s catalog and web etc., to have more humane and close headlines. This is part of the strategy to update the brand presence on different digital platforms.”

Castillo contact design

The grey colour (in different tones) used throughout the visual identity is to express a neutral, elegant and timeless vibe while gold was selected to communicate the force and luxury of the brand.

“The overall identity also features a wide variety of stylish materials such as iron, cotton cloth, and heavyweight paper that create a meaningful tactile experience and convey the power & elegance of the signature,” she added.

These business cards were offset-printed on a thick, smooth paper with hot foil stamping on the icon by Líneas Digitales.

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Designed by Arutza Rico at Arutza Studio

Printed by Líneas Digitales

For Castillo

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