Carlota Mojica business cards

Carlota Mojica Graphic Designer Business Card

Carlota Mojica designed these business cards for her personal branding as a visual designer based in Spain.

The business card design is simple and minimalist. Even so, it shows personality and Carlota’s expertise in carrying out her work with precision.

“My two main goals when creating my personal brand were to represent my personality, and not to stand out from my other projects,” Carlota said.

“To do this, I had to stay away from features that were extravagant or eye-catching, resulting in a minimalist identity.”

“This is a monochrome aesthetic, with a touch of orange in order to add dynamism.”

Carlota Mojica logo

The typography used for the visual identity is Carlota’s personal favourite – Founders Grotesk from Klim Type Foundry.

As for the logo design, The circle represents the letter ‘C’. When combined with ‘M’, they formed Carlota’s initials.

“The overall branding is built with total accuracy, in order to represent my thoroughness and organization.”

“These characteristics are my main way of working in the projects that I carry out,” she added.

These business cards were offset printed on 300gsm paper by Anarol, a printing company in Málaga, Spain.


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Designed by Carlota Mojica

Printed by Anarol

For Carlota Mojica personal branding

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