Canela Fina Gastronomic business cards

Canela Fina Gastronomic Space Business Card

Pràctica designed these business cards for Canela Fina, a gastronomic space located in an old factory based in Barcelona.

Canela Fina is a space where people can learn, cook, taste and experiment with gastronomy.

Their business cards are unique and inspired by an old Japanese printing technique called Gyotaku, which used physical elements as a form of print.

Pràctica generated a typeface and a suite of illustrative elements using the ‘stain’ across the whole visual identity.

A gastronomic experience was reflected through the process (the “stains”), embracing the concept of ‘experience’ from a temporal and sensorial point of view.

The business cards were offset printed on Arjowiggins Keaykolour 100% Recycled Camel, 300gr by a local printer.

canela fina cardsCanela fina Gyotaku printing

Designed by Pràctica

For Canela Fina

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