Tyler Business Card

Tyler business card

Shakir Dzheyranov designed these business cards for Tyler, a new platform for people who want to learn basics of web development.

“The main philosophy of the brand is Step by step with no step skipped, meaning that thorough explanation, attention to detail and willing to help students are the main goals of Tyler. I took that philosophy and applied it to the branding project,” Shakir said.

Tyler logoTyler logo2
The font Shakir used in the visual identity is called Hind (bold). Apart from the catchy colour palette and geometric shapes (which also formed the logo), the motivating phrases on the cards are equally appealing! They stand for what the brand believes in – to help their students as much as possible.

These business cards are not printed, but if they were, Shakir suggested, “I’ll use MOO for they are fast and reliable, with a very good support team.”

Tyler business cardTyler branding materials

Designed by Shakir Dzheyranov

For Tyler

Business Card Printing
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