Teneo Consulting Business Card

James Shaw designed these business cards for Teneo Consulting, a company that provides support to individuals seeking assistance with their career. Their career solutions include access to information and tools to help people decide what kind of job might be right for them.

“Teneo also works with individuals to help them enhance their personal effectiveness, including job applications, CV construction, interview techniques, communication, networking, confidence building, image and impact,” James said.

“Inspired by these 8 sectors of the company, Maria (the owner of Teneo) wanted the design to be unique, non-corporate and stand out from the other consulting businesses. Using the negative space from the leading letters to create the geometric icon.”

James created multiple versions for the back design of the card using the initials of the mentioned sectors. The unique icons, accompanied by striking colours, work well as attention-grabbers. All in all, this is a simple yet impactful visual design!

These business cards were printed by MOO on 600gsm uncoated, naturally textured Mohawk Superfine paper with a yellow seam colour.

Designed by James Shaw at Volley Design

Printed by MOO

For Teneo Consulting


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