Sushi Bōto Japanese Restaurant Business Card

Sushi Bōto Japanese Restaurant Business Card

Hue Studio designed these business cards for Sushi Bōto, a newly open Sushi restaurant located in Melbourne.

The concept behind the business card design was based on the restaurant’s unique idea of boat-based delivery system.

Instead of the usual sushi train, your sashimi or sushi favorites are delivered by boats running along a canal.

“It’s like sushi train but they are using boats instead. So, we came up with the brand name, Sushi Bōto (or ‘Sushi Boat’ in Japanese) for it,” explained Vian Risanto, the Founder of Hue Studio.

These business cards were offset printed by Taylor’d Press in 2 colours on Keaykolour pure white 450gsm card and custom die cut to shape.

“The cut out shape of the card was inspired from the logo we created and the cut out S-shape in the middle also symbolized water flow.” Vian added.


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Sushi Boto business cards_3Sushi Boto logoSushi Boto business cards_2Sushi Boto business card_1Sushi Boto_2Sushi Boto menu

Designed by Hue Studio

Printed by Taylor’d Press

For Sushi Bōto

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