Skaistuma Bars Beauty Salon Business Card

Grebis Design made these elegant business cards for Skaistuma Bars, a professional beauty salon based in Riga, Latvia.

“The word ‘Skaistuma bars’ means ‘Beauty Bar’,” explained Peter Grebis, the founder of Grebis Design.

“Professional and friendly staff and the place itself is a community – great people doing awesome job to make us all look better in our fast speeding lives.”

“They are expanding and selling beauty product line for professionals in the field.”

It’s fascinating to see black, although as the main colour palette, combined with vibrant colours to form a unique visual identity that’s both artistic and elegant!

“In this project there were no specific points from client and they gave me the full control to study and create the best possible branding look.”

“The dripping colours and colourful tones were chosen to represent their constant flow and professional approach to each client.”

“Inspirations for the card design were the client’s: their emotions and the people whom they make happy each day. Due to that, the colour tones represent the happy emotions.”

These business cards were printed on cotton paper in order to present the rustic, handcrafted look and feel.

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Designed by Grebis Design

For Skaistuma Bars (Beauty Bar)

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