Poppy Snowdrop eCommerce Business Card

Poppy Snowdrop business cards

Julia Sonda designed these business cards for Poppy Snowdrop, an Etsy-based shop that sells handmade luxury faux flowers, stationery collections as well as party supplies (banners, signs, favours, etc).

“The story behind the business is full of so much sorrow and loss, so we wanted to create a visual identity that conveys joy, extroversion and authenticity,” Julia said.

“The goal of the design was to make the client’s target audience immediately recognise it, feel happy and excited by the energy it exudes, and be interested in what the brand has in store for them going forward.”

Poppy Snowdrop logo


The business card design is beautiful and striking. The floral illustrations are an important element in the overall design because they convey femininity and whimsicality.

“The name, Poppy Snowdrop, was given because poppies are the birth flower for the client’s first daughter, while snowdrop is the birth flower for January, when she had a miscarriage,” Julia explained.

“The illustrations that compose the visual identity were inspired by that.”

Poppy Snowdrop illustrations

In terms of the topography, it seeks to evoke extroversion, playfulness and happiness. The colours used are feminine and also want to bring joy to the logo.

When it comes to printing, Julia recommended that the business cards be printed on cotton recycled paper with a matte finish.

As a whole, this business card design portrays a branding project that’s both passionate and filled with love.

Poppy Snowdrop stationeryPoppy Snowdrop business card

Poppy Snowdrop notebooksPoppy Snowdrop_envelopePoppy Snowdrop stationery_2Poppy Snowdrop wrapping papers
Poppy Snowdrop illustrationPoppy Snowdrop_bagPoppy Snowdrop branding_1Poppy Snowdrop posters

Designed by Julia Sonda

Illustrations by Andreza Michel

For Poppy Snowdrop Paper Co

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Helena Sook
Helena Sook
4 months ago

wow , beautiful!