Pauline Kaye Castañeda Personal Branding Business Card

Nicole Castañeda designed these business cards for Pauline Kaye Castañeda, a B.S. Business Administration Major – fresh graduate from JRU with years of experience in the field of marketing and multimedia design.

Nicole handled the client’s branding project including a new logo design, an updated creative résumé and of course, new business cards.


“The logo and overall design is inspired and based on leaf pattern and fingerprints combined, illustrated to form the initials of the client. The design process started with gathering the symbols that would represent the likes of the client and then mixing them all together,” Nicole said.

The business cards have not been printed yet so when asked about the possible printing outcome, Nicole shared, “I’d like to use foiling for the client’s name on the front face of the business card. The idea is to make it stand out from the pattern on the background since both the background and the client’s name are designed using the same style.”


Designed by Nicole Castañeda

For Pauline Kaye Castañeda

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