PAGU Animation Studio Business Card

PAGU Studio business card

Design Studio B.O.B. designed these business cards for PAGU, a UK-based animation and illustration studio run by Emma Walker and Rob Smith.

PAGU Studio approached B.O.B. for the branding project, including creating the logo, icon set, business card and stationery designs.

“For their branding, we created a fun and unique logo with a running ‘A’,” said Lilly Friedeberg, the Co-founder of B.O.B. studio.

“The ‘A’ stands for ‘Animation’ and shows a key element of it – the ‘walk cycle.’ The logo works in different versions and can adapt easily.”

PAGU Studio business card_orangePAGU Studio logo variations

PAGU Studio makes creative short-form animated content and have a passion for telling stories with character and feeling.

Therefore, it’s only logical for their visual identity to appear quirky, dynamic and memorable!


“In addition to the logo comes an illustrative icon set. We also created a fun sticker set as an easy and cost-efficient way to brand a letter or a postcard.”

These business cards were letterpress-printed by Aller’Ley in Cologne, Germany.

All in all, this is a clean, fun business card design that screams attention while being witty and welcoming.

PAGU Studio stationeryPAGU Studio business card_orangePAGU Studio icon animationPAGU Studio iconsPAGU Studio branding

Designed by Design Studio B.O.B.

Printed by Aller’Ley

For PAGU Studio

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