Mathilda Perrot Business Card

Mathilda Perrot designed these business cards for her personal branding as an art director and photographer in France.

“I love to create picture atmospheres and that’s the reason why I imagine the photography and the graphic design together. I designed these business cards to show who I am and what I do: I build strong brands with graphic design and photography reunited, to show their values and to feel their story,” Mathilda said.

The monogram logo is a great representation of Mathilda’s brand and the sleek design brings out a mysterious and sophisticated vibe as well.

These business cards were printed by Moo. According to Mathilda, she chose a soft touch finish for the cards. “If you want to really feel the story, you have to feel it between your hands. It’s very important for me to use specific papers and textures to complete my process of building a brand and creating an atmosphere. It’s the ‘final touch’.”

Designed by Mathilda Perrot

Printed by Moo

For Mathilda Perrot personal branding

Business Card Printing
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