Mathilda Perrot Art Director Business Card

Mathilda Perrot_business card2

Mathilda Perrot designed these business cards for her personal branding as a French art director and photographer based in Lyon.

Mathilda helps her clients to reveal their excellence through visual storytelling. As she assists her clients to proceed to the next level through brand design and photography, she has to start by creating a self-branding that defines her expertise and herself.

Mathilda Perrot logoMathilda Perrot logo construction

“I wanted to have a logo that reflects who I am and what I do for my clients. I work with pictures and I tell stories through the pictures I created: visual stories that lead my clients to the best version of themselves; visual stories that reveal who they really are, and that allow them to align their prices to the quality of their products or services,” Mathilda said.

“For my identity, I wanted it to describe a deep, enthusiastic, shiny person. I’m an emotional person who need to put a strong meaning in everything I do, which is why this new brand design needed to be very powerful, authentic and vibrant; with deep, strong and natural colours and textures.”

To enhance her brand appearance, Mathilda used copper texture and a dark blue recycled paper for her business card design. Explaining the reasons behind those decisions, she said, “Using a metal texture conveys luxury and excellency. Copper is a reference to the golden light of the sunrise and makes this colour more authentic and real than gold.”

Mathilda Perrot_business card3

“As for the paper, a textured paper conveys authenticity and naturalness. Its imperfections give it some personality, and this is the essence of its beauty. Dark blue colour also tells a better story than a true black, in reference to the night sky.”

The typography Mathilda used in the visual identity are Montserrat and P22 Mackinac Pro. The former is a structured typography that provides trust and professionalism while the latter is more about creativity and imagination in reference of the old storybooks. According to Mathilda, there is also a form of elegance and excellence through the lines of the letters.

These sleek, sophisticated business cards were printed by Christophe d’Hervé using a doubled Fedrigoni Paper (Savile Row Plain Blue) to create a 600gr (2x300gr) duplex business card with copper foil and white ink.

Mathilda Perrot_business card4Mathilda Perrot_business card5Mathilda Perrot business cardMathilda Perrot_business cardsMathilda Perrot_business card1

Designed by Mathilda Perrot

Printed by Christophe d’Hervé

For Mathilda Perrot personal branding

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