Mapfry Geomarketing Business Card

Mapfry business cards

Polar designed these business cards for Mapfry, a new company specialized in geomarketing that builds and analyzes databases based on the constantly changing regions and addresses, hoping to interpret their movements, directing its efforts so that these changes become market opportunities.

Mapfry approached Polar for the branding project, including designing the company’s logo, visual identity and print collaterals.

Mapfry logo


“We developed a flexible system based on coordinates and the map grid, inspired by the main purpose of defining an exact spot for opening a business.”  said Matheus Sakita, a Partner at Polar, Ltda.

The business card design has a stunning, vibrant gradient colour scheme that’s both creative and smart! The contrast is perfectly executed with a minimal logotype.

“The logo indicates the technological atmosphere of the brand, and presents mainly straight lines, referencing the squared grid. The identity presents warm and cool colours combined through gradients, very much like a heat map.”

Not only that, the black-coloured background and simple information hierarchy is balanced with the coloured typography and flexible gradients on the other side of the card. According to Matheus, this helps to create a fresh and modern visual while maintaining the professionalism of the company.

Mapfry business card2
As for the typography, Roobert is used for the card’s contact information while a bespoke lettering is created for the logotype. All the elements work together in presenting an eye-catching, contemporary brand identity that’s bound to impress!

These business cards are not printed but if they were, “The idea was to bring an uncoated paper as base. The printing method would be offset, with silk screen and embossing on the logo,” Matheus suggested.

Mapfry business cardMapfry business cards

Mapfry stationery_1Mapfry stationeryMapfry t-shirtMapfry 3D imagery
Mapfry 3D imagery2Mapfry poster

Designed by Polar

3D Images by Bruno Faiotto

For Mapfry

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