Maison Gersaint Communication Agency Business Card

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Placide Studio designed these business cards for Maison Gersaint, a cultural communication agency that promotes ethical brands and talents.

Placide Studio managed the art direction and branding for Maison Gersaint. Their business cards are beautifully designed with clever use of gradient and raised letters that are tactile and impressive!

According to Mathilde Marie, the Co-Founder of Placide Studio, their client wanted something young and dazzling that could speak to everyone.

“The typography used for the logotype is WT Monarch by Wise Type. We imagined this gradient where colours can change to infinity according to the multiple areas of Maison Gersaint,” she said.

These business cards were printed on recycled paper. The logo was embossed while the gradient was printed in Pantone.


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Designed by Placide Studio

For Maison Gersaint

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