Lush & Plush Succulent Business Card

Madebettr designed these business cards for Lush & Plush, an online boutique store that specializes in succulent arrangements.

The design idea was to create an own-able and differentiated brand within the florist and gifting industry.

“To stand out, we created a lifestyle brand that was relevant to young homeowners yet still looked professional enough to appeal to corporate companies. The look was inspired by the top-down view of the beautiful succulents. In order to create a modern and energetic identity, brave and vibrant colours were used to complement the beautiful aesthetics of the succulents,” said Raymond, the founder of Madebettr.

“A simple logotype with a clean sans serif typeface accompanied by unique silhouette of succulents were combined to form a flexible, dynamic identity.” Check out the front and back sides of the business card – they are extremely eye-catching!


These business cards were printed at a local print shop, but according to Raymond, some work needed to be done beforehand,

“As the bright colours are an important part of the visual identity, we have to colour proof a couple of times to ensure we get the intended richness of the bold colors without appearing too cheap and over saturated.”

Overall, a colourful design that’s vibrant, relevant and visual appealing!


Designed by Madebettr

For Lush & Plush

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