La Fuente Bar Business Card

La Fuente business card

David Macdonald at One Design designed these business cards for La Fuente, an intimate bar in Auckland, New Zealand, serving a selection of mezcal and natural wines.

La Fuente’s customers can taste wine and mezcal on-site, as well as buy it to take away and enjoy later. It is owned by a Mexican-born sommelier who sources the mezcales direct from small scale, sustainable producers in Oaxaca, where he grew up.

La Fuente
“Mezcal is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from the roasted heart of the agave plant, with a method that has remained unchanged for almost 200 years. Unlike its cousin tequila, mezcal is an authentic, handcrafted product made using labour intensive techniques and only produced in a handful of regions (in small batches),” explained Rachel Doughty, the Director at One Design.

La Fuente packaging
“Our objective was to create an approachable, identifiable brand for the bar and shoppe; one which captures the authenticity at the heart of the products sold. The identity needed to establish the bar as a place to drink wine and mezcal, identify the shoppe as a place to purchase these products, as well as provide an education on mezcal and its origin.”

Also, a custom typeface was created based on the letter forms of hand-painted signs outside traditional Mexican cantinas.

La Fuente typography
“The handcrafted aesthetic embodies the natural process from which the mezcal is produced, and the subregion-specific handcrafts found throughout Oaxaca. The variation and eccentricities found in the cantina signwriting is faithfully encapsulated in the unique letterforms developed, compositions and colour palette. It is approachable, distinctive and most importantly – true to its origin,” Rachel said.

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These business cards were printed on heavy uncoated textured stock in multiple colour combinations.

La Fuente business cardLa Fuente stationery

Designed by David Macdonald at One Design

For La Fuente


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