Gresham Smith Architecture Business Card

Brit Blankenship and Jason Combs designed these business cards for Gresham Smith, an international architecture and engineering firm.

“We were inspired by their brand promise: Genuine Ingenuity. This informed the half circle and upward, progressive arrow for our letterform brand mark, which you see on the front of the cards,” Brit said.

As an architecture/engineering firm, it’s important to provide relevant information about their employees on the business cards. Luckily, Brit and Jason had a brilliant idea on how to fulfill that requirement without making the cards look dull and irrelevant.

“The cards required a good amount of technical information, and had to accommodate a wide-range of employee and subsidiary variation. We used a grid system to create a sense of order and hierarchy on the backs in our legacy palette. Variable colours on the front of the cards created a sense of flexibility and fun. Each employee can select their favorite color from our trend palette,” Brit explained.

These business cards were printed on an indigo with spot Pantones on a thick smooth paper.

Designed by Brit Blankenship and Jason Combs for Matchstic

For Gresham Smith

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