Grampa Homeware Business Card

grampa business card

Miguel Moreira designed these business cards for Grampa, a textile and homeware shop in Porto, Portugal.

The client, Bárbara, approached Ofício Studio for the rebranding project of her grandparents’ warehouses in the center of Porto. Miguel Moreira, the Graphic Designer at Ofício Studio, designed the new logo and brand identity, including the artistic direction.

The Naming of the Brand

“The new name, Grampa, refers to the client’s heritage and the work of the previous generations, and a tool with the same name. This is a homage to the handmade, small scale production and craftsmanship, which inspired the entire portfolio of the store,” Miguel said.

Grampa logo


Design Process & Logo Design

“During the design process, I like to listen carefully to the clients’ expectations and consider Miguel Barbot’s (the Co-Founder of Ofício) experience, visual culture and his in-depth knowledge of the project. This way, we can achieve a rich, high-quality result respecting the brand and its commercial purposes. ”

Speaking of the logo design, Miguel continued, “Starting with the word ‘Grampa’, the first experiences were hand-drawn in my notebook. I love every one of the letters in the word ‘Grampa’. They work together in a very harmonic manner, and I explored different designs with great detail.”

Grampa logo_constructionGrampa logo_construction

Typography & Colour Palette

After choosing the idea that led to the final design, Miguel used Glyphs to custom design the typeface.

“I wanted to have an organic ‘G’, with a big, unconventional loop, that would harmonize all the other letters.”

Then, Miguel and his team started to choose the colour scheme, something done with the help of the GF Smith paper catalog.

These business cards were printed on GF Smith Texture Wild 300gsm via embossing printing technique by Peninsular, a printing shop with more than 100 years in the centre of the city.


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grampa business cards

grampa business card_2grampa business card_1

Designed by Miguel Moreira in collaboration with Ofício Studio

Printed by Peninsular

For Grampa

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