Gelpi Design Studio Business Card

Carlota Marcos designed these business cards for Gelpi, a design studio based in Valencia.

“This was a personal design for my studio. After several years working in many agencies, I decided to start on my own as a freelance designer,” Carlota said, “It’s not easy to design for yourself, I made several designs until I got to the final design – a simple visual identity.”


“I really like the cards I have now, they look simple and pleasant. But I’m a curious person, I won’t stop experimenting with new shapes and colours. I will surely change the card design after some times but keeping the same style, of course.”

MOO printed these business cards using 100% recycled cotton paper – from cotton t-shirts. Nobody can say no to an eco-friendly, minimal yet stylish business card design!

“I wanted quality cards that were sustainable at the same time. I love the idea of using a tree-free paper. I think we should all be sustainable and change the way we consume,” Carlota suggested.

“A lot of people think that if we use recycled materials, they won’t bring quality to the packaging or stationery, but that’s not true. As a designer, I think we have to change this kind of mentality. The first option I always give to my clients is: to use recycled materials for their stationery. Most of them agree and appreciate that I offered them this option.”

Designed by Carlota Marcos at Gelpi

Printed by MOO

For Gelpi

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