Eva International Art Business Card

Eva business card

George&Harrison designed these business cards for Eva International – Ireland’s biennial of contemporary art.

Eva International has served as Ireland’s most significant contemporary art festival since 1977.

“We designed their identity of the 2012 and 2014 editions and developed some basic identity guidelines for future identity development,” said Martijn Maas, the founder of George&Harrison.

“The system that was used is based on a simple notion, which perpetuates imagination.”

“Strong basic elements are placed symmetrically after which the negative space forms the logo.”

“It emphasizes Eva International’s pivotal role in the world of modern art.”

These business cards were printed by NPN Drukker in Breda.

The cards come in two versions and they were foiled on the backside; 2 pantone colours on the front.


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Designed by George&Harrison

Printed by NPN Drukker

For Eva International

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