Dust Identity Business Card

Assembly Co. designed these business cards for Dust Identity, a company that’s working on technology that can link physical objects to secure digital records.

The brand name, DUST, is an abrevation for “Diamond Unclonable Secure Tag”. The company is using quantum-engineered diamonds to make it possible for consumers to always know exactly what they’re buying and from whom they’re purchasing the item from.

The goal of the brand was to provide businesses the tools they need to build and track products that their customers can trust.

Which is why, the business card design needs to convey a trustworthy, professional, and memorable brand.


Bold Typography and Logo Design

It is no question that the entire business card design is a real attention-grabber!

That bold typeface is clearly making a statement – the word ‘identity’ is a hot topic these days and so much needed to be done to preserve it.


The shield-like logo with varying strokes, creating a three dimensional effect that’s both catchy and dynamic.


The Printing of Business Cards

The business cards have not been printed yet so when asked about the possible printing outcome, Justin, the Creative Lead of this project at Assembly Co. said, “Definitely intended to be single-color letterpress on a heftier, premium stock.”

“The actual identity features a gradient, so we’d explored a holographic foil stamp on the rear of the white version.”

“And also, a sliver foil on the blue as the holo foil lost its impact when surrounded by color.”

Looking forward to the final printing results for these business cards soon!

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Designed by Assembly Co.

For Dust Identity

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