Dstrikt Steakhouse Restaurant Business Card

Dstrikt business card

GRUND designed these business cards for Dstrikt Steakhouse, a restaurant that’s part of the five-star hotel The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna.

Dstrikt aims to offer a first-class culinary experience with steaks of the highest quality, and a modern approach to dining.

Minimal yet Elegant Brand Image

The business card design is sleek and sophisticated, with special details on the card that are hard to ignore! These line patterns are associated with the restaurant’s main product, a clever transformation into an art form that amazes the audience.

“Based on different cuts, the branding uses the marbling of the meat and shape of the steaks in an abstract way to create a pattern for various touchpoints, partially refining printed matter with elegant hot-foil finishes,” said Britta Fuchs, Co-Founder and Art Director at GRUND.

“It’s a clear-cut, minimalist look that reflects the essence of the brand.”

Dstrikt patterns


Classy Typography & Noble Green

The logotype is based on the Eksell Display by Letters from Sweden.

Combined with secondary typefaces – Portrait (by Commercial Type) and Aperçu Mono (by Colophon Foundry) – the font trio represents the upscale feel of the restaurant and expertise on all levels.

When asked about the reason for using mainly green for the visual identity, Britta replied, “In order to step away from the colour red – often used by steak restaurants – and associated with meat, we decided to go for a noble green accompanied by an elegant light grey, used for the more subtle implementations.”

“The grey (or silver foil when embossed) is also used as a highlight-colour within the illustration.”

Infinitive Factory, a printing company in Austria, letterpress printed these business cards on Gmund Colors Matt 16 with a black and silver hot-foil finish.


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Dstrikt business cardsDstrikt_brandingDstrikt menu

Dstrikt brandingDstrikt boxesDstrikt packagingDstrikt restaurant

Designed by GRUND

Printed by Infinitive Factory

For Dstrikt

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